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part 2.

2008-04-26 17:41:42 by konictrainer08

part 2 to my fancharacter couple: Sandra and Bill. I might be thinking of making a part three.

Link to part 2:

If you haven't read part 1........Go to this link to read it:


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2008-04-27 23:55:09

YAY UR KEEPING THIS ACCOUNT IM SO GLAD. wat bout Ukadz superforms?

konictrainer08 responds:

I haven't had the time to work on any sprite stuff now my friend. Here's a list of stuff I gotta do for my different accounts:

Sheezyart: The attack of the robots ep.1, SAZ ep.6, Random tounrament pt.2, Sandra and Bill pt.4, the crystal emeralds ep.1, The layrock disease chapter 2, and a sprite collab.

Newgrounds: Sonic fighting universe and the adventures of Iruken, Sandra and Bill.

Youtube: Upload my stick figure videos there.

Deviantart: A comic called Joineth and Bloo9091 adventure.

Yahoo: Recieve the different collab parts from different people.

One question: Did you like the story? I have posted part 3 #1 & 2.


2008-05-02 17:05:12

yup i like the story its getting.... SEXY when i mean by SEXY i said SEXAEEEEEE. lol

konictrainer08 responds:

I've made every part if you wanna read them.


2008-05-02 17:05:43

oh yeh and dont forget bout Zodakuwil he be in the first eps?

konictrainer08 responds:



2008-05-03 15:07:18

good luck and sry for posting lots of commets

konictrainer08 responds:

oh its ok, but about Zodaku bring in, he may be in like on ep.5 or 6 gotta post all the story first.


2008-05-13 23:10:25