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2008-06-17 10:36:17 by konictrainer08

w00-h00! Now that shool is out, this gives me time to work on my movie and any sprite sheets that need completion.

This is the reason why I haven't had time to work on ep.1, but now that school is out, I've got the time to do it now.

also, btw people, I have finally gotten my hands on flash! Now i'll be able to make the flashes that I've wanted to make. it's going to be spectacualar, just the question is, where can I get good city bg sprites?

If you have any suggestions, email my yahoo account:

in other news, about the adventures of iruken sandra and bill, I don't have any sprites of sandra or bill, so I'll have to redo them, or if someone is kind, maybe they can do them themselves. Also, i have a new look for iruken, and I'll post those sprites as well. Aslo, i'm not going to answer anymore questions for the series, UNLESS you email the question, OK? Yahoo is a good place where I can answer all your questions and recieve good sprites.

good day to you all and have a nice summer. Bye.


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2008-06-23 17:03:37

Nice dude. I'll go tell Infernosol if ur charactor Joineth can join the flash. Oh yeah and I'm the Idealer. (the idea guy) lol. SO yeah this flash will be hilarous and awesome. Alright i'll go ask him now. Cya. ANd i Can't wait for the adventures of Iruken Sandra and bill. Oh yeah and our flash that me and my friends r making is called Sonic Elements of War. We'll try to get it out next month. so cya and have a great summer too


2008-06-23 17:22:23

Dude guess what hes in!!! But he'll be appereing in the 2nd episode since the first one is planned out.


2008-06-23 17:22:43

just tell me his element.

konictrainer08 responds:

joineth doesn't have an element but he does use fire powers sometimes.


2008-06-23 17:23:19

ZOdaku's element is thunder just to tell u in Sonic Elementts of War