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damn......itll have to be submitted to youtube.

2008-07-16 07:41:50 by konictrainer08

damn it, I can't submit the adventures of iruken sandra and bill here...................newgrounds wont let me, I dont have he extra file extension, so, I'll have to submit this series to youtube.

here is the link to my youtube account, I only have two videos, their my first, but I'll get better, just wait:

PS: I was thinking of making a new look for bill, heh heh.

My vidoes posted there are:

Iruken and Joineth vs Mecha sonic,
Jaguaro's theme.


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2008-07-16 15:46:06

just commenting so u can keep a link to my profile

konictrainer08 responds:

ok, that sounds cool.


2008-07-16 17:28:14

ddue i'll give u the link to submit it

konictrainer08 responds:

dude, i know how to do it.


2008-07-16 17:29:05

try it now. it

konictrainer08 responds:

but i cant submit it! I need swf. file exstention! and i dont have it!


2008-07-16 20:35:43

then get it


2008-07-16 21:17:03

tell me the program your useing and I'll help you export it as an swf

konictrainer08 responds:

dude, im gonna be using windows movie maker (WMM) to do every movie i amke from now on.


2008-07-21 20:13:46

dang I could of helped if it was a wmv........
well good luck with whatever your doing