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a cool somic series im makin

2008-07-30 08:17:52 by konictrainer08

yo people! Been a while since my last post came out, well, I've got back into spriteing, and I have made a few comic strips, for my series, called TSWD (The shadows withing darkness)

here is comic 1: /spritecomicwi5.png

and here is comic 2: 1/spritecomicsy8.png

comic 3 is wip, its about 1/4 done, but i need to cancel it for now, until i can get some more sprites of a certain character done.


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2008-08-16 00:24:33



2008-08-16 11:38:39 look I have a sheezyart

konictrainer08 responds:

i saw, pretty cool


2008-08-18 08:03:24

This is not a comment ^.^

konictrainer08 responds:



2008-09-13 16:36:32

Hey dude its been awhile

konictrainer08 responds:



2008-09-28 19:19:23

What up dude long time no see. I haven't talekd to you for awhile. So how is The adventures of iruken sandra and bill?

konictrainer08 responds:

eh, i might not do it...................the reason is cause im working on some other youtube series, and plus, i havent done a sprite sheet for bill, so.........yeah, sorry to dissapoint you -_- i know it was gonna be an awesome series, but i dont got the time for it.