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YO! im back!

2008-11-28 14:02:53 by konictrainer08

hey guys im back! whats up? been a while since i've done anything on here, well, i still come here often to check on stuff and then i leave.

ive got a lot of sprite related stuff done, that includes arrekesu, my newest villain, which is me as a hedgehog. i started on it yesterday and have got at least 20% of him done.

ill post his sprite sheet here when im done.

btw, i updated on joineth's sheet and have made his demonic form (chronicle the demonhog) ill also post that sometime soon................

cya guys later, CHOW!

*PS* time for a little return pic...........XD

YO! im back!


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2008-12-13 22:33:40

haven;t talked to u in a very long time. Nice fancharactors. CAn't u figure out a way to put the flash in NG

konictrainer08 responds:

i tried once but it didnt work -_- they said the name i was using was already taken..........WTF?!