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Check out this story!

2008-04-25 15:34:33 by konictrainer08

*WARNING* If you don't like romanctic stuff, don't read it.

This is just a little romantic story I made. Enjoy. Yeah, everyone used in the story except for the teens (Josh and Cole) are my characters. After reading, comment and get other people to read it and comment. Also, here is some other things you may do after reading:

You may visit my account to look and some of my other artwork and read other stories, check my friends accounts, and read my journals. You may also check my favorites to see what I like.

Anything else, I expect a lot of comments and views from here.

keeping this account.

2008-04-24 08:15:13 by konictrainer08

I am going to change my password because I actually want to keep this account. I gave my appoligies to anyone that wanted this account. And yes, I shall continue Iruken's adventure, it's just I have a LOT of Sheezyart stuff to do. Let me get these things done and I shall start Iruken's adventure.

My to do list for Sheezyart:

The crystal emeralds chapter 1,
Sonic adventure Z episode 6: Megaman X,
The attack of the robots ep.1 (everyone's been waiting for that on my sheezy page),
The Joineth comics episode 3,
and my flash movie (about 30-40 minutes long): Chaos approaching.

Please do not be mad at me just because I am spending more time there instead of here. It's that Sheezyart has some more features than newgrounds.