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2010-03-06 08:09:59 by konictrainer08

i have returned! D: whats up dudes! 9/joinethbeatupbygirlsgan.jpg

i got a new pic >:3


YO! im back!

2008-11-28 14:02:53 by konictrainer08

hey guys im back! whats up? been a while since i've done anything on here, well, i still come here often to check on stuff and then i leave.

ive got a lot of sprite related stuff done, that includes arrekesu, my newest villain, which is me as a hedgehog. i started on it yesterday and have got at least 20% of him done.

ill post his sprite sheet here when im done.

btw, i updated on joineth's sheet and have made his demonic form (chronicle the demonhog) ill also post that sometime soon................

cya guys later, CHOW!

*PS* time for a little return pic...........XD

YO! im back!

yo people! Been a while since my last post came out, well, I've got back into spriteing, and I have made a few comic strips, for my series, called TSWD (The shadows withing darkness)

here is comic 1: /spritecomicwi5.png

and here is comic 2: 1/spritecomicsy8.png

comic 3 is wip, its about 1/4 done, but i need to cancel it for now, until i can get some more sprites of a certain character done.

damn it, I can't submit the adventures of iruken sandra and bill here...................newgrounds wont let me, I dont have he extra file extension, so, I'll have to submit this series to youtube.

here is the link to my youtube account, I only have two videos, their my first, but I'll get better, just wait:

PS: I was thinking of making a new look for bill, heh heh.

My vidoes posted there are:

Iruken and Joineth vs Mecha sonic,
Jaguaro's theme.

sprite meme on sheezyart,

2008-07-03 21:45:15 by konictrainer08

I made my own fancharacter meme on sheezyart. check it out:

I even made a blank one for people to use, but they have to ask before doing do:

do you have yahoo?

2008-06-28 09:26:26 by konictrainer08

Do you people have a yahoo account? I want to know because I have a yahoo and I would like to talk to some of you people.

my yahoo is:

Here, I decided to share them with newgrounders so here you go:

Iruken's sheet: 2/iruken7dr9.png

joineth's sheet:

If you use these sheets you must give credit to joineth (not konictrainer08), animeneko123, spongejr12, shardthehedgehog, and spork1 because they helped out with these sheets.


2008-06-17 10:36:17 by konictrainer08

w00-h00! Now that shool is out, this gives me time to work on my movie and any sprite sheets that need completion.

This is the reason why I haven't had time to work on ep.1, but now that school is out, I've got the time to do it now.

also, btw people, I have finally gotten my hands on flash! Now i'll be able to make the flashes that I've wanted to make. it's going to be spectacualar, just the question is, where can I get good city bg sprites?

If you have any suggestions, email my yahoo account:

in other news, about the adventures of iruken sandra and bill, I don't have any sprites of sandra or bill, so I'll have to redo them, or if someone is kind, maybe they can do them themselves. Also, i have a new look for iruken, and I'll post those sprites as well. Aslo, i'm not going to answer anymore questions for the series, UNLESS you email the question, OK? Yahoo is a good place where I can answer all your questions and recieve good sprites.

good day to you all and have a nice summer. Bye.

Well, I haven't been feeling quite alright, I'm not sure, but it's holding me back from creating my sprite movie, which has been going on for at least many many months now.

I have stalled the first episode long enought but I haven't got flash. I need VERY bad. Also, a few days ago, I was banned from posting stuff on sheezyart for three days, but know I am unbanned, meaning I was able to post chapter 7 of my story there.

It may take me about another half a year to get ep.1 done, when I get flash, so hold onto your hats and let me get requests for sheezy artists done.

PS: Wait would you like to see come first?

Adventures of Iruken, Sandra and Bill ep.1, or
Sonic fighting universe?

part 2.

2008-04-26 17:41:42 by konictrainer08

part 2 to my fancharacter couple: Sandra and Bill. I might be thinking of making a part three.

Link to part 2:

If you haven't read part 1........Go to this link to read it: